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Sanhua Pig shows in the 4th International Organic Food Exposition

Sanhua pig exhibition covers more than 60 square meters, which is an university-enterprise cooperation project between our university and Qiulin Yunyan Group.

Sanhua pork enjoyed hugely popular among visitors, within three hours, all the products were sold out.

Lu Hao, governor of Heilongjiang province, visited San Hua pig area. Bao Jun, president of Northeast Agricultural University introduced the biological advantages of Sanhua pig, welfare farming system, new findings of Sanhua pig and the development of Sanhua piguniversity-enterprise cooperation project.

Bao told that since October2014, our university and Qiulin Yunyan Group established a brand new company called Heilongjiang Dongnong Sanhua livestock and food Limited Liability Company,which develops, breeds and produces Sanhua pig.

Dr. Liu Hongtao, working in Development of New Countryside Institution told that Sanhua pig was a crossbreed from crossing northeastern pigs with duroc pig and large white pig.In this way, Sanhua pig generated a series of advantages, such as cold-resistant,disease-resistant,high rate of reproduction, fast growth rate, high weight increasing rate and large economic benefits.

Sanhua pigs are raising in the welfare farming system, which has clean farming area,environmental friendly and smart facilities and has equipped intelligently controlled environmental system, automatic feeding andanimal waste treatment systems.

In 2015, Sanhua pig got Golden Pig Award from Compassion in World Farming.

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