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Heilongjiang’s vice-governor Hu Yafeng visits Northeast Agricultural University

Heilongjiang’s vice-governor Hu Yafengvisits Northeast Agricultural University and delivered a speech about how to transformresearch findings into practice efficiently in the long run.

Hu firstly visited light plant factorylaboratory and Remote Monitor laboratory. Our professor introduced the latest technologythey are using and the research they are doing.

After Hu’s tour, he said that I was quiteexcited about your research findings and confident about transforming thesefindings into practice and made great economic profits.

Also he gave advice ontransforming scientific results, he told that in one aspect, technologyinnovation is to find scientific rules and make it real, and then we should tryto make these real things into products, finally scientific research can make adifference in people’s everyday life. one the way to publish these scientificresults into market, university can make it in several ways like compensatedtransfer, cooperation with enterprises or operate the companies. Finally, Huhoped our university could make great contribution to local economy.

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