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School of Humanity and Law

The College today was Originally co-founded by Department of Social Science, Department of Foreign Language and Teaching Office of Ethics in 1998 and was formally named as College of Humanities and Social Science in 2003.In 2012, College of Humanities and Social Science and College of Law were merged together into College of Humanities and Law. There are about 1780 undergraduate students and postgraduate students altogether.

There are 162 staff in total, including 151 academics and 11 management and lab assistants. Among the academics, there are 12 professors and 65 associate professors, including 3 tutors for Ph.D doctorate and 28 tutors for postgraduate candidates. All the academics have master degrees of arts and above. They are well-structured in certificate, academic title, educational background and age space.

Our college has 7 undergraduate majors, covering management, law and foreign language and literature; possessing 2 master’s degree programs ---English linguistics and literature and law science ; one provincial key major(human resource management), 2 university’s key majors(law and English); It is subdivided into 3 adminstrative units and 9 teaching units such as human resource management department, adminstrative management department, tourism management department, department of law science, department of social socience, the English department , the Russian department, teaching department of public foreign languages and teaching office of Chinese.

Our college has a Heilongjiang Province philosophy and social science research base (research base of agriculture and countryside economic development), the institute of humanities and social science and agricutural higher education of NEAU, the institute of college of humanities and law quality education of NEAU, the institute of agricultural law of College of Humanities and Law of NEAU, the Connection Office of Heilongjiang Province People’s Congress legislation, the Lawcase Judgement Center of NEAU, Simulated Court and Criminal Investigation Experiment Office and so on. Also it has a newly-built teaching experiment platform for the courses of law and humanities with the cost of about 2 million RMB, strongly providing the service for teaching and research.

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