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School of Engineering

School of engineering established at the beginning of Northeast Agricultural University. Our school has highly reputation in China, which is called “cradle of China's agricultural engineers".

We provides the courses of agricultural Mechanization Engineering, vehicle engineering, new energy science and engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing engineering.

We currently have over two thousand taught students. Our school has great facilities for students to do scientific research and develop their practical and experimental skills in engineering.

We have national level labs with over 14300 square meters and 230 facilities for research studies.

Our school have 110 staff, including of one academician of the Academy of Engineering China, one committee of Academic Degrees of the State Council review and 16 doctoral supervisors.

Now our research is focusing on high yielding rice production technology, machinery of modern dry farming technology, renewable resources comprehensive utilization technology, agricultural products storage and processing technology, and advanced agricultural mechanization in production and management.

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